Thursday, January 26th, 2012

BreakOUT! Victory in NOPD Training Academy

The FosterBear Films is proud to have been a part of this important project.

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“We Deserve Better” Video Shown as Part of NOPD Training Curriculum

As part of BreakOUT!‘s work to build the power of LGBTQ youth and improve community relationships with the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), we developed a powerful video called “We Deserve Better” that we delivered to the NOPD. In the video, BreakOUT! members share their stories and experiences with the NOPD and give recommendations for reform.

This week the video was shown at the NOPD Training Academy to current in-service officers as part of their regular training curriculum. The video will continue to be shown for the next 41 weeks of officer trainings.

This is the first time that LGBTQ youth who are directly impacted by the criminal justice system have had such a key role in training efforts with the New Orleans Police Department, a Department that has been plagued with corruption and is the subject of a pending federal consent decree with the Department of Justice.

Despite this landmark victory, BreakOUT! members say that their campaign, “We Deserve Better,” is far from over. Members will continue to pressure the NOPD for a concrete policy that limits the over-policing of LGBTQ youth in New Orleans, model training for law enforcement, and a seat on any community Advisory Boards that are developed to the Department.

To do all of this, we still need the help of our friends and allies! We haven’t raised the money to finish paying the filmmakers, FosterBear Films, and need to continue to raise money for our weekly meetings and campaign materials.

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  1. While the people of New Orleans are rightly optimistic about these upcoming changes, they shouldn’t have been necessary. The many hard-working, dedicated officers who for years have done their jobs well have been tarnished by the misconduct of the few bad actors. Still, every system can use improvement. New training for all officers will help the many good ones be better and more effective. Guidelines for police conduct will make it clear that officers may not lie, may not cover up their misdeeds, may not abuse the public – and that stiff penalties will apply to those who do. All of this will make the city of New Orleans a safer and better place.

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